Ahmed Abouzied

Software Developer

I am a full stack developer . with very good experience in developing both Front-end , Back-end applications and Mobile applications for android.

I studied many courses and worked through many books in back-end development , database systems , front-end frameworks and algorithms and data structures.

I have very experience with the following programming languages : C / C++ , Go , Javascript / NodeJs , Dart , Python , Java , PHP

I am very familiar with these front-end frameworks : Angular , React , VueJs

And these back-end frameworks and utilities : Node , express , Flutter(for building mobile applications) , the android platform , Gin / Mux (Golang web server frameworks) , Laravel , websockets.

I use docker , containers , Kubernetes to deploy the web applications to the production server.

I also know how to operate these databases and integrate them into web / mobile applications : MySQL , SQLlite , PostgreSQL , Mongodb

I am also familiar with DNS , FTP , Apache web server , Nginx web server.

I have worked on many front end , back end , android and full stack projects using every technology mentioned earlier.